This domain is reserved, but it does not have a website...yet.

Actually it does have a website and you are reading it right now (although this explanation page would not exist). The website contains a single page displaying the domain name and the Reserved graphic. Nothing else. But it does serve a purpose.

The Internet is all about communication and any reserved website is saying “Hey! There may be a website here one day, keep us in mind!”

This serves as a beacon for search engines or a visitor who wanders by. It is a bit like when a home builder creates a new community. They build the roads first, so they can use them to build the house.

It is the same for reserved domains. When it comes time to build your website, the road is already in place, we don’t have to build it. And search engines have been coming down the road since the website was first installed, so when your website is launched, the search engines will come by on their routine pass-through and suddenly see your new website and you are off and running.

Meanwhile you can rest assured that no one else will register your particular domain name.